The world of Books is sublime, deep, fantastical…and frankly quite underrated in today’s date. Movies & TV shows but spoon feed you & kill your imagination, while a Book lets your mind soar high in the wind & lets it roam free…free to imagine & create in your head a world where you detach yourself from your surroundings. Books are profound reflections of the author’s mind & link with your own in just so many words.

In my regular corporate 9-5 life, i feel so tied down at times, that i seriously require the escapism of books. I am a dreamer at heart & therefore classics appeal so much to me; but more than that a book & its characters stay long enough with me to help me create analysis of various characters in different books & their situations. It is a beautiful world that I often create in my head & Kitabi Keeda is an effort to capture that World; therefore you will find many posts that are analysis based too.

I am type A classic bookworm & thrive on books of all kind. Be it classics (my favourites), thrillers, horror, romance, fantasy, epics, contemporary themes, chick lits, heck…even B school books, history books or memoirs!!If you are a Kitabi Keeda like me…this blog is for you!! If it is related to books in any way, Kitabi Keeda will hunt down the story & explore it further...after all Books are the biggest treasure we have!! Help me grow the love for books!!

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